About remixing, nature and Odense – a conversation with Solanca   About remixing, nature and Odense – a conversation with Solanca open   About remixing, nature and Odense – a conversation with Solanca

About remixing, nature and Odense – a conversation with Solanca

The Danish artist Solanca impresses with his melodic and catchy sound. In his productions he combines a high degree of organic emotionality with fine precision. Max Brenner talked to him and found out, what makes a remix a great one for him, how he approached to the reinterpretation for Mira Nait’s Hey Darlin’, and to what extent his hometown inspires him when making music.

So what about a few words about you? Where do you come from and for how long you’ve been making music?

I come from Odense, Denmark. It’s a small city but, it’s also the birth place of Hans Christian Andersen – so perhaps some people in Europe know that town. That’s where I live and work and it has been a great source of inspiration for my music. It’s a very lovely place. I’ve been making music for approximately 10 years now, mostly for fun. But I’ve got to a certain point where I wanted to make it more seriously, so make something more professional sounding and to actually release music on record labels. 

Your release on Weitblick is a remix. So generally, how does a great remix has to be for you? 

For me a great remix is something that can bring out a different nuance of the original track. So something that still contains the spirit of the original but shows it in a different way, in a new perspective. Whether, it’s more aggressive or softer, but taking something that we know and giving it a new light – that’s what I believe makes a great remix.

How do you generally approach on making remixes on your own? Have you got a certain way to work on it?

I think the first step I take is to generally study the original track and find out, was have been given. So I take a look into how it’s constructed and how does this makes me feel. From there I start to think how I go into this and how could I bring in my sound to it. A remix is also a great opportunity to explore new ideas and new sounds for yourself and also for me as an artist. So it’s almost a playground for me to try out new things I find interesting or where I find my inspiration. And finally, actually with this remix for Mira Nait I particularly discovered something new about where I can bring my sound forward in the future.

And what about the aspect of nature? In which way does it influence your music?

My influence from nature is actually quite visual and not only in audio and sound. The sound of nature itself is an intangible concept. Where I really found that idea that I want to pursue this more nature-inspired music is also in the visual sense, to bring the listener towards a place of nature or a specific place on earth. That’s what I try to do with my music, to create a story and a landscape where I can take the listener – in that way I’m inspired by nature.
I do find my inspiration in many ways, but of course going for a walk or going outside is always a way to get involved with nature; I try to look for something that’s pleasing or not pleasing at all. But I also find myself judging things in nature, the leaves, the branches or some rocks, that lie on the ground and – I think: Hey, that sounds quite funny, or what would it sound like if I kick the rock down the road? 
So in that way I also try to think about how nature responds to my reactions. For example, if I wipe my hand over some dry grass, so how does that sound? And sometimes I also try to record that as well. I take something from nature, record that live, and then bring that back to my studio and work that into my track. So I don’t want not only this visual representation but I also try to incorporate real nature. 

In my opinion your music is very melodic and emotionally driven. You’re living in the town where the famous writer Andersen was born. Does it maybe even inspire you to tell some sort of your own stories with your music like he has done with words? 

Well, in a sense perhaps. I think I’m more subconsciously inspired by than I’m maybe aware of it. I mean, I try to create stories with my music and to a certain extent sometimes more tragic stories as well as the original stories from Andersen were quit also tragic. Perhaps those original stories have inspired me when making my music. 

By now you probably can’t wait to listen to the remix – and let’s be honest: You wont be disappointed, take this as a promise!

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